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There are certain firearms that don’t quite fit into the standard categories like “Bolt Guns”, “Shotguns”, or “Pistols”. For those interesting firearms we have the category, “Other Firearms Cerakote”. Due to the unorthodox design of these unique firearms, it was impossible to come up with one price sheet to cover all “Other” firearms. That being said, some of these distinctive guns can be made even more personal by adding your take to their design. There are fewer Kriss Vectors than Remington 700’s but if you have Tactical Guardian Cerakote YOUR Vector in Shocker Green and all black hardware, there will likely only be one in the world, yours.
Firearms like a Kriss Vector, the Kel-Tec KSG Series, Standard Manufacturing’s DP-12, or the Scorpion by CZ, all fall into this category. For pricing on Cerakote, please email us or call 503.825.9266 to discuss your project with a Tactical Guardian associate.