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Tactical Guardian is not just for individual items. If you are looking for a company that can handle quantities on an industrial scale, Tactical Guardian has the facility and personnel to handle even the biggest job. Our 19,000 Sq. Ft. facility is ready to exceed your expectations with quality, on-time deliveries, and competitive pricing. Our in-house Certified Cerakote Applicators are trained in not only the one-off custom jobs but are also capable of doing a large number of parts in a short amount of time. Each part is scrutinized by our in-house QC department to ensure your specifications are met and our quality levels are sustained.
Our ISO 9001 training and documentation ensures that we comprehend and understand YOUR needs and are able to discuss each step of the process with you should you need that level of oversight. Our staff has decades of experience in the manufacturing world and has a keen insight into a wide variety of materials, processes, and products. We can customize our process to synchronize with your operations and timeframes.
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