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Graphic Laser Services


Graphic Deep laser Engraving or 3D Engraving is done with our fiber laser that vaporizes material with multiple passes causing a cavity that makes up the engraving. Depth from 0.003″ to 0.005″ We can go deeper upon request. Additional charges apply.


Graphic Laser Etching Laser etching is when a laser removes a very small amount of material at a high speed. The depth is around 0.0005″

This process is a safe way to mark metals with no heat damage to the structure of the substrate and gives a high contrast permanent mark. Marking color depends on the substrate’s composition.


1-5 Items Price: (Click here for larger quantity price quote)


Graphic Laser Etching: $1.00 per square inch per run for same item and the same engraving.


Graphic Deep Laser Engraving: $2.00 per square inch per run for the same item and the same engraving.



Additional Fees:


Set-up Fees

Flat Items- Set-up Charges

Basic flat item setup charge is $5.00 Per run for same item and same engraving.


Color Fill

$10.00 per color for a 6”x6” or less image. Call for larger images or quantity pricing.


Round Items- Set-up Charges

Rotary setup is $15.00 per run for the same item and the same engraving. If the outer diameter, width or density changes, an additional $20.00 to $50.00 may apply.



Artwork / Design Fees

Creating Art From Scratch: $60.00 per hour or $1 per minute. Most artwork can be created in under one hour, however it depends on the number of drafts needed for approval.

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Graphic Conversion Charge $15.00 per artwork. This means you give us the image in .SVG format. We hold on to the artwork for your future projects and you only pay this as a one time payment.



HOT DEAL: Our pricing for volume CerMark Glazing, 500 or more, Yeti or RTIC tumblers with a 3″ x 3″graphic is $5.00 each. Other companies charge $8.00 to $20.00 each, So you save a lot when you go with us.


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  • All sales are final. No Refunds. No Returns. Jpeg proofs will be provided prior to engraving.
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