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Cerakote comes in several different types or “series” of coatings. Each series has its own distinctive characteristics. Each series also has its own line of colors. Please see below for details on each of the Cerakote series of coatings.

*Actual colors applied may differ than what is shown on screen due to differences in monitor color accuracy and resolution.


H-Series is the choice for most firearms. It is also the preferred replacement for most powder coating application. The anti-corrosion properties make the H-Series a great match for items that will be subjected to the elements, both freshwater (rain) and salt water. H-Series is extremely hard coating yet has flexibility for those applications where stretching or bending is a consideration. (Barrel flex, hot/cold variations, Etc.) H-Series is also stable to 500 degrees without loss of coating or discoloration. In addition to the characteristics above, H-Series comes in over 90 colors and can be custom-mixed to match that certain color you have in mind.

(Elite) E-Series

The E-Series is the latest version of Cerakote available. The industry-leading performance of Cerakote H-Series is taken to the next level with improved hardness, abrasion resistance, and lubricity, all in a thinner application. Being extremely flexible, the Elite Series is also a great choice for a polymer stock of your favorite rifle or frame of that daily carry pistol that simply needs a refresh aesthetically. It is an oven baked process that locks the Cerakote onto the material being coated. If a thin coating is desired because of tight tolerances, for example, a custom 1911 or electronic parts, then E-Series may be your best bet. Coming in at less than one-millimeter thickness, E-series is the thinnest Cerakote available. If there is a downside to choosing the Elite series it’s the lack of color choices. At this time, only 8 colors are available. Other colors are being developed so please click HERE for updates of current colors.

Cerakote Elite Series is available in nine modern, earth-tone colors that can be mixed or patterned to create custom, yet high-performance finishes. Recommended applications include, but are not limited to: Firearms, knives, tools, eyewear, consumer electronics, wearables, industrial valves, sporting and athletic equipment, robotics, audio equipment, fresh and saltwater applications and any other application requiring a tough, thin and durable finish.


C-Series is basically the high-temp brother of H-Series. Having the same lubricity, scratch hardness, and thickness as the H-series, C-series has one distinct advantage of over H, temperature stability. While the H-Series is good to 500 degrees F, C-Series takes that number up to an impressive 1200 degrees F! This fact makes it the perfect coating for those items that will be subjected to high temperature and cyclical heating and cooling. Suppressors, barrels, motorsports parts, can all benefit from the C-Series heat dispersion characteristics. With almost 40 colors to choose from, the C-Series can make your stock item custom as well as protect it from the elements.

GEN II NiR-Series

Cerakote’s second generation IR signature reducing coating is very effective in diminishing the visual and near-infrared signature while enhancing durability, reliability, and maintainability. In addition to the signature management capability, GEN II NiR Series offers superior wear, chemical and corrosion resistance for any of the wide variety of adverse environmental conditions likely to be encountered in theaters of operation. Currently, GEN II NiR is available in 9 different colors. Click HERE for a look at the actual colors. Due to its advantageous nature in the field, Cerakote GEN II NiR is only available to US Military and US Police Forces.

Clear Coat

We use Cerakote 160 High Gloss Ceramic Clearcoat and 161 Matte Ceramic Clearcoat. Both of these clearcoats are rated to 500 degrees and are the strongest clearcoats on the market today. They both can be sprayed over the top of the other Cerakote Series to further protect and enhance the UV protection as well as covering a hydrographic dipped design or even polished metals. If you are looking for a deeper look and that added protection of the strongest clearcoat, look no further than the Cerakote 160/161 Series.

Custom Finishes

Tactical Guardian provides a variety of custom finish options including Battleworn, Reverse Battleworn, Apocalyptic, and Wasteland finishes.