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Brand Ambassador (BA) Perks: 

  • One FREE Custom item (provided by BA) (Design, Cerakote, Laser and labor included).  
  • Get 10% of profits from sales (that use personal code). 
  • 20% off all TG Custom services for personal use. 
  • Receive TG SWAG and discount business cards with your discount code & Instagram profile name. 

How it works: 

We create you a discount code, you’ll advertise this code, and receive 10% of the profit from all sales with your code. You’ll get 20% off any of our TG Cerakote, Gunsmithing, or Laser Custom Shop Services for your own personal use with a different 20% off code only for you! The payments from your sales code go out quarterly (4 times a year). You can email at any time to find out how your code is doing. We will offer you a FREE item to be customized now just for being a part of #TacticalGuardian and in the future we will send you even more products based on the sales performance of your discount code, as well as if you are getting high engagement from your (pictures/videos) that you’re posting and/or sending us. 

What we want in return😊 

We are looking for 2 post per week on social media minimum. It’s imperative that you continue to post quality content if you wish to be a successful brand ambassador. Posts should highlight your strengths as a professional, your passion for your hobbies and favorite recreational activities, or just your finer qualities as a person. Keep it real, it’s good to be honest and include your knowledge base or interests but keep the photos high quality. Even if it’s just with your phone. In each post you should find a way to include how Tactical Guardian effects your day to day life (either our products or just in principal), or at the very least include your 10% discount code! Do this and you can earn more free products, and make money with little extra effort through social media. We’re also starting you out with 20% off everything on the website, as I mentioned earlier, to keep you going until you get the hang of it!    

Be prepared with your business cards that highlight everything about you, especially your discount code. Include information such as your experience, skillset, your clients, your fans/followers, and what other publications you’ve appeared in or work that you’ve done. Especially your discount code! Your code is everything when it comes to you getting paid for this. 

Become A Brand Ambassador

Become A Brand Ambassador

To become a brand ambassador, fill out the form below. Upon approval, your account will be changed to brand ambassador status and a Tactical Guardian representative will notify you of the change.

As a TG Brand Ambassador, you MUST understand that you are now representing Tactical Guardian and not just yourself with your comments and pictures, even on your personal medias. We reserve the right to remove you as a BA at any time. If you have a question if something you are wanting to post personally is questionable on its merits, please ask us first if it is “On Brand”.  In addition, we are looking for BAs that have great engagement, so if at any time we feel like your engagement is low we reserve the right to discontinue your personal discount code. We will inform you of this a head of time.  
If you find yourself at an event like SHOT, BLADE, NRA show or really any public gathering, always portray yourself in a positive light and socialize with the right people—executives, promoters, magazine editors, photographers, and fans. Even if you are NOT wearing TG apparel, again we remind you, you are representing TG as well.