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If your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, ATV, snowmobile or really, anything with a motor or wheels, needs some sprucing up, Cerakote is the best option for looks, durability and protection. Cerakote adds that extra level of customization for Automotive & Motorsports that will set you apart from the masses. If you have a vision for your car, scooter, motorcycle or bicycle, let our in-house designers discuss your thoughts and put them on-screen for you to see. Cerakote not only enhances the look of your project but adds durability and in some cases, depending on the location of the Cerakote, lubricity as well.
Cerakote can also be applied in a clear coat to protect a hydrodipped part. Hydrodipped parts, while visually appealing and sometimes complex design, is not durable in a high-use or harsh environment. Cerakote clear coat can lock in the beauty of the hydrodipped pattern with the strongest and most durable clear available today. We also can clearcoat wheels after being Cerakoted or after a machining process. The beauty of a machined lip lasts only until that first scratch. While Cerakote protects from rock chips and road debris, even Cerakote is not immune to curb rash. With proper care, Cerakote will let your wheels look brand new for years to come. Its high UV protection keeps the colors bright without having to worry about sun-fade, even in the sunniest of environments.
If your need arises for a high-temperature coating, Cerakote has coatings stable to 2000 degrees F. Headers, exhaust systems, engine parts, brake calipers, or anything else that needs the protection of Cerakote and the beauty it provides.
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