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Artwork/ Design Fees and Services


If you need help coming up with a design idea or if you have an idea, but don’t know how to make it appear on the item you want engraved, no worries. We can help you! Your imagination is our only limitation!

Get a quote and start the design process. Feel free to call 503-852-9266 or email sales@tacticalguardian.com

Please submit as much detail and as many examples as possible. Our designers will let you know if they need more.




If we are creating art from scratch: $60.00 per hour or $1 per minute. Most artwork can be created in under one hour, but it can depend on the number of drafts needed for approval. The more concept drawings or pictures you provide will always help our artists and save you money.

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Graphic Conversion Charge is $15.00 per artwork. This means you give us the image already in .SVG format. We hold onto the artwork for your future projects and you only pay this as a one-time payment.




  • Need help coming up with a design idea? We can help!
  • All sales are final. No Refunds. No Returns. Jpeg proofs will be provided prior to engraving.
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