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Who and Why? 

Tactical Guardian is a Lifestyle brand that gives identity to the individual that has the mindset of a warrior and awareness of a protector. This individual personifies this connection to the tools of the trade with their own personality. We call this modern day Spartan a TACTICAL GUARDIAN™. We help this average person (or your customer) that carries exceptional reasonability to be a Citizen Shield™ with the opportunity to uniquely display their pride in whatever it is they have to protect! 


We Do Custom 

If you want to protect your parts and choose from endless colors and design option, then Cerakote ceramic coating is hands down the BEST option! We are Certified Cerakote applicators with a special talent for really awesome custom work. Having a laser, designer, and gunsmith in-house gives a significant advantage to make your project come to life, and fast! 


We Do High Volume Production 

At our 19,000-sf facility in Sherwood Oregon, we offer custom parts coatings on firearms, accessories, knives, car parts, industrial/commercial parts and optics. From a small custom project to a multi-thousand piece O.E.M. order, Tactical Guardian can handle it with ease.  


We do this with our Certified Cerakote spraying robot arm, automated tumble blaster, large batch push-through curing oven, and Z-Tech laser capable of engraving, cutting and etching in different colors and designs. We are uniquely set up to handle thousands of parts a day but still manage the small custom or prototype projects in our custom shop that includes full gunsmithing and machining capabilities. 


MissionHave the BEST PriceQuality & Fastest Turnaround! 

Our goal with our robotics and laser program is to get the cost of coating your parts with the superior color choices and protection of Cerakote comparable to anodizing or e-coat. 


Call us for a price quote today.

Please allow 3 weeks for set up and programming if robotics are being used.